2021 Nov 05


Hi, Kourtney fans! This time we have officially relaunched the site. I know I was supposed to back in 2016, but things happened and I had to take a step back. The site is a work in progress, but it has officially re-opened. Fortunately, I managed to get back the original domain (again).

This time around, I’ve decided to not add paparazzi photos to respect Kourtney’s privacy. Unless Kourtney shares them on Instagram as we have albums for Kourt’s Instagram photos.

For now I’ve kept some old posts that I found from the original site. I didn’t have a proper backup, but maybe that’s a good thing!

The Twitter account is still @KourtneyDolls, and I managed to get access back into the old (and inactive) Instagram account.

Make sure to check out out the ever-growing gallery! Thank you for visiting.